Friday, March 7, 2008

Here I go again...

A Blog About All Things Yummy? What does that even mean?

Well I started this blog as a way to share recipes and cooking tips with friends and family, after reading some really great blogs such as and

I don't claim to be a professional chef, or even a great cook--but I am getting better every day and the important thing is that I love to do it!

I have always loved to cook, ever since my grandmother taught me how to make omelets and biscuits and gravy....("I taught her everything she knows about cooking!") but I must say, I try and cook things a bit healthier these days. :)

I love health food--and you could call me a health food nut--so I definitely try to incorporate that into all that I cook. Whether that means sneaking veggies in where they usually aren't, substituting healthy versions of cheese or dairy products...or even going meatless. But don't worry...I am def not a vegetarian, although I don't eat too much meat these days.

It is really hard to eat healthy on a budget, and to stick to your diet while you're traveling so I would also like to use this as a way to offer tips that I might have, and tips that you guys might have.

I have to credit most of my healthy-ness (sp??!) right now to This online food diary showed me that although I was eating a salad, that high fat ranch dressing and bacon crumbles basically made it as bad for me as a burger and fries...since I started using this diary last year, I have trimmed down and learned what I could and couldn't eat if I wanted to be healthy. I would recommend this to anyone who is starting out with a diet plan, because diets don't work! You have to truly change your habits....I think Rachael, Meredith and moms would agree that MFD has worked for us quite well.

Anyways enough with the awkward intros....on to the food :)

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Rachael Greening said...

I would most DEFINITELY recommend! I've dropped almost 10 pounds (and that's 140 to 130, so it's significant) in just a few months. Even when I cheat/go on vacation/am hungover and need grease to soak it up, at least I can see exactly where I went wrong and how to make up for it! Welcome to the blogging world, Kdawg.