Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't have time to pack a fresh lunch?

Try this!

While I don't usually condone eating frozen food or canned foods on the regular, the average working woman sometimes has to resort to frozen meals or canned veggies every now and then. I even posted about my favorite frozen meals in May, with another installment to come soon. As long as you're getting something healthy out of it, not loaded down with salty sauces or creamy cheeses, sometimes a "convenience meal" might be the way to go.

Today I grabbed whatever I had on hand at home and rushed out the door to work, and threw these two things together in a bowl for a very satisfying lunch.

BumbleBee has jumped on the wagon of flavored tuna packets, and my favorite is the sun-dried tomato and basil flavor. So that was my first ingredient, then I searched the freezer and found my new favorite go-to veggie Green Giant's Weight Management mixture, that includes snow peas, carrots, black beans and edamame in a light butter sauce.

I heated up the veggies and mixed these two together and came up with a quick, pretty healthy meal in no time at all.


LivitLuvit said...

You're so crafty, woman! I dunno about plain tuna though... I usually like mine with lots of mayo, unless it's a tuna steak!

KBo said...


That's the beauty of the flavored tuna, it's so good you can even eat it alone!