Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eating Healthy

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks, but haven't had much time to "blog" about much of anything, but Jamie's post at Oh! How Lovely! inspired me to mention this today.

Since I have started my involvement with food blogging, I have wanted to try new things, learn how to bake, and cook often in order to have new content for this thing (if only for myself, since I don't have too many loyal followers as of yet;) ) but in doing so, have just started cooking way too much outside of the way I prefer to eat.

I was talking about this yesterday to my brother, when I had him over for supper. I made Chicken Fajita Burgers (YUM!) which actually aren't horrible for you, but of course I had some dessert left over from when I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ribbon Cake a few days ago...don't worry pics to come. ANYWAYS, we were talking about how I am lucky because I generally just like, and prefer, to eat healthier foods. Of course I have my weaknesses and there are days when I can sit on my couch in front of the TV and meal out on chips and 7 Layer Mexi Dip, or when M orders the Gotham Pizza from Domino's and I (of course) have to have a piece (or three). But in general, I really would rather eat healthy foods.

So, in addition to the fact that I need to get my rear back into training condition (for a half marathon, I don't care what MN says, I just cannot force myself to marathon train right now) I am going to cease baking all these sweet things that taste so good...but are soooo bad for us.

With M starting to run with me now, it is the perfect time to regain my healthy cooking mentality...so be on the lookout for some recipes that you won't feel guilty about throwing together...if I can get some time with our big move coming up this week!

When I commented on Jamie's post, I mentioned that what helped me really learn what I should be eating was MyFoodDiary.com. That thing is a life saver! Since I started using it last year (although I don't anymore cause I generally got the lay of the land and decided to quit paying the measly $9 a month because I am THAT broke) I have gotten my bff to use it, her mom, my other bff MN, and I have tried (unsuccessfully) to get my mom on board as well as M's sister. Point is, it is a really great tool and I like it better than other online food trackers because they have a ton of brands in their database as well as hundreds of restaurants, so it makes it that much easier to log what you eat.

If you're having trouble with your weight, try it out. I think you would be surprised at how much you actually consume, and how that has affected that horrid number on the scale.


LivitLuvit said...

Amen. I just quit as well because I haven't been using it either, but it's definitely helped me better gauge what I'm actually putting in my mouth during a day. All those extra little somethings really add up...

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm convinced.