Friday, July 11, 2008

KBo's Essential (read: EASY) Banana Pudding

I'm pretty sure that every American can at least make banana pudding...the ones who can't, I'm assuming, are also the poor souls who cannot boil water.

I'm sure there are better, fancier, tastier recipes for this but I really just love what's easy and good.

2 packets of instant JELLO Vanilla Pudding
6 cups milk (I used skim)
4 organic bananas, sliced (more or less)
1 package Trader Joe's Ultimate Vanilla Wafers
Cool Whip (I used the new kind, in a can!)

Prepare the pudding packets as instructed in a large bowl, (whisk pudding with milk for a few minutes until all combined and then let stand until thick).

In a large bowl, preferably glass so you can show off the layers, start by layering the 'nilla wafers at the bottom of the bowl. Then add a layer of pudding, then a layer of bananas, then a layer of Cool Whip. Repeat until you use all ingredients, or you get to the top of the bowl, whichever comes first. :)


The KBo Conclusion
I was planning on making this last night because M's parents were coming into town yesterday through to the weekend. I had a whole menu planned, and even had a chicken cooking in the crock pot yesterday morning (If you know me, you know that doing things ahead of time is not usually my forte--and I'm not even going to try to lie here, M had to put the chicken in after I was already at work because I forgot to thaw it the night before...thus entrapping the gizzard packet inside the frozen chicken). But when a family emergency forced the 'rents to turn around mid-trip, we had a crap load of food to cook (and an immaculately clean apartment, thanks M) so I went ahead and made the dessert anyways.

So when I stopped at the store on my lunch break yesterday to get the pudding, I was debating whether or not to actually follow a fancy recipe, such as this one, or just make it the easy way to save time....when I saw "cook and serve" on those JELLO packs, I said NOPE...and picked up the two instant packs.

I know, I blogging is supposed to be about creating, cooking, baking new things. But whatever, we're not all Martha Stewart and everyone knows that this classic is a classic for a reason--It tastes good! So there you have it.

Although, I will say I did put a spin on this by using the Trader Joe's wafers, this was an excellent choice! These are 'ultimate' for a reason, they're packed with vanilla beans and offer a crisp, sweet flavor that Nilla Wafers just can't promise! Pick some up today, you won't be sorry :)

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LivitLuvit said...

Better than Nillas?!? I am skeptical... but will try them out. Only because I wuv you...